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Implant-Retained Dentures – Castle Rock, WA

Restoring Smiles From the Roots Up

An older gentleman smiling after receiving implant-retained dentures in Castle Rock

It’s not easy performing daily tasks when you are missing all your teeth. The struggles of eating, chewing, and speaking can leave you lacking confidence and forgoing memorable gatherings with family and friends. At Cowlitz River Dental, we never want our patients to feel hopeless about their oral health, which is why Dr. Kennington is pleased to provide implant-retained dentures in Castle Rock. As an expert in the field of implant dentistry, he and our team of professionals are here to provide start-to-finish implant placement, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a healthier, longer-lasting smile. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Kennington, contact our office today.

How Do Implant-Retained Dentures Work?

An up-close image of a lower set of overdentures be affixed to dental implants sitting within a dental mold

Implant-retained dentures are a unique alternative to traditional dentures. Instead of relying on your natural suction to keep a gum-colored, acrylic base in place, we will use between four and six dental implants to serve as anchors for your custom restoration. These are surgically placed into your jawbone and will require 3-6 months of properly at-home recovery to ensure the implants fuse to the bone and surrounding tissues. There are two major types to choose from:

  • Overdentures: These snap into place over your dental implants but are removable, allowing you to not only more thoroughly clean your restoration but also have more confidence when eating or speaking.
  • Hybrid Dentures: Unlike overdentures, these are secured to the tops of your dental implants and cannot be removed at home.

Am I a Candidate for Implant-Retained Dentures?

An older man with glasses looking at his new smile in the mirror while seated in the dentist’s chair

You may be considered eligible for implant-retained dentures if:

  • You’ve lost all or most of your teeth along the top or bottom arch
  • You do not use tobacco products or smoke
  • You do not drink excessively
  • You have healthy gum tissue
  • You have a strong, durable jawbone that is dense enough to provide adequate support for your implants and restoration
  • You are in good general health and possess no signs of a compromised immune system

It is during your initial consultation with your implant dentist in Castle Rock that he will determine your candidacy for implant placement. Based on his findings, you will be free to move forward with treatment, or you will require pre-implant dental work to address some of the issues occurring with your oral and facial structures (i.e. tooth extraction, bone graft, periodontal therapy).

The Implant-Retained Dentures Procedure

A digital image of a dental implant standing up next to a natural tooth

The process for receiving dental implants in Castle Rock takes time, so it is important that you understand and accept the timeline presented during your consultation. When ready for surgical placement, Dr. Kennington and our team will administer local anesthesia and sedation to ensure you are comfortable throughout the procedure and feel no discomfort.

Making small incisions in the appropriate areas of your gums, he will expose the jawbone and carefully place and position each implant to ensure maximum support. Once he closes the gum tissue, you will be sent home to recover for 3-6 months. During this time, osseointegration will occur, causing the implant, bone, and tissue to fuse and create a solid foundation for the next phase of treatment, which is to receive your custom restoration.

Benefits of Combining Dentures & Dental Implants

A younger couple smiling and enjoying the outdoors after receiving their implant-retained dentures

You can expect to experience life-changing results and outstanding benefits with implant-retained dentures, some of which include:

  • Improved oral health because of the continued stimulation provided to your jawbone by the implants
  • An easy to maintain solution that allows you care for your denture much in the same way you would your regular teeth
  • A denture that is crafted using high-quality materials that produce a life-life restoration that looks natural and feels comfortable
  • A greater bite force because of the increased support provided by your dental implants