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Dentist Providing Oral Surgery in Castle Rock

When you’re considering who to trust with your oral healthcare, we encourage you to choose a dentist who is capable of performing the broadest array of oral healthcare treatments possible. At Cowlitz River Dental in Castle Rock, Washington, we offer various oral surgery procedures as part of our comprehensive dentistry practice. Our team has extensive education and experience in oral surgery, and our office employs some of the latest technology (such as cone beam 3D imaging) to help make oral surgery more successful and comfortable. With sedation dentistry options that include IV sedation, you can rest assured that your oral surgery from Dr. Kennington will be as comfortable as it will be effective.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

Young woman with beautiful smileWisdom teeth (also known as third molars) do not emerge into a patient’s smile until they’ve reached their young adult years, typically between the ages of 16 and 22. However, this occasion isn’t usually celebrated – our mouths simply don’t have enough remaining space to accommodate these teeth in most cases, leading to them becoming impacted (trapped within the jawbone) or overcrowded. Patients may experience chronic pain, facial swelling, and a higher risk of tooth decay and infection as a result. Dr. Kennington can remove the wisdom teeth for patients in need and help them preserve the high level of oral health they deserve.

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Bone Grafting

Senior man with healthy smileSome patients may not know that a healthy amount of jawbone structure is required to successfully replace missing teeth with dental implants. If the bone in the area has deteriorated too severely, Dr. Kennington can repair the damage with bone grafting. Our team will either take material from another part of the mouth or use tissue from a donor bank to form the graft, and this graft will encourage the development of new, healthy bone.

Soft Tissue Grafting

Closeup of healthy beautiful smileSignificant gum recession can occur over time for a number of varied reasons, from aggressive brushing at home to extremely thin gum tissue to the presence of periodontal disease. This condition is often very uncomfortable because the vulnerable tooth roots are exposed to hot and cold temperatures. Thankfully, Dr. Kennington can provide a soft tissue graft in order to repair your smile’s structure and aesthetic value. Our team will cover the exposed root and/or thicken the existing tissue to prevent further loss.


Closeup of beautiful smileWhen a patient is “tongue tied,” we can perform a frenectomy. A frenectomy is a relatively simple oral surgery that involves the cutting and reshaping of the frenulum, or small flap of soft tissue under the tongue that anchors the tongue to the lower jaw or the lips to the jaws. Sometimes a labial frenectomy (cutting back the folds that attach the lips to the jaws) will be required prior to orthodontics or to correct a gum problem. We use a state-of-the-art laser to make the procedure very easy for our patients.