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There’s a Wonderful Solution for a Clicking, Popping Jaw

January 8, 2018

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couple smiling in the parkJaw pain is not at all uncommon for adults in our country. But if you feel or hear a click or pop when you open and close your mouth, listen closely — that is its way of trying to tell you something. Jaw pain is not just a side effect of getting older. Indeed, a solution can often be found in TMJ therapy alongside certain lifestyle changes to reduce stress. Keep reading to learn more about jaw pain and how it can be treated to find the relief you need at long last.


How to Handle an Aching Tooth

December 22, 2017

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man with an aching toothWhile you can prevent a toothache with proper oral hygiene and regular visits to the dentist, this type of “dental emergency” can take anyone by surprise. It’s easy to lose your cool when it happens to you, but remaining calm is of the utmost importance. Dr. L. Blaine Kennington wants to remind you that your next steps can mean the difference in saving your tooth or not. Keep reading to learn what causes toothaches, how to handle one, and tips for making sure a toothache doesn’t happen to you.


What Causes Tooth Decay?

December 8, 2017

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portrait of a smiling womanNo one wants to have a cavity, but most people will have experienced tooth decay by the time they reach adulthood. Visiting the dentist every six months can help you steer clear of this and other oral health hazards, but how you care for your teeth in the time between these appointments is also crucial. With proper hygiene and a balanced, nutritious diet, you can enjoy proper oral health for a lifetime to come.


Six Month Smiles Offers Straighter Teeth in Half the Time

November 29, 2017

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man smiling in the dental chairLengthy treatment times are a considerable factor for many adults who would like to benefit from straighter teeth but don’t want to spend a year or more wearing metal brackets and wires. There’s good news for patients who just need a minor tweak for a considerable impact — Six Month Smiles produces beautiful results in less than half the time of traditional braces. Keep reading to learn how this treatment works and whether or not it’s right for your smile. If it is, we look forward to getting started right away.


Yes, Same Day Crowns Are Possible — Here’s How They Work

November 21, 2017

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portrait of a smiling womanHave you experienced tooth decay or injury? One of the most common restorative dentistry procedures is the dental crown. It’s a thin, tooth-shaped covering that restores the form and function of a damaged tooth. Traditionally, the treatment for a dental crown has required multiple visits to the dentist and weeks spent waiting in between. Now, your dentist is pleased to offer a more efficient alternative: CEREC one-visit crowns.


How Gum Disease Affects Your Overall Health

November 20, 2017

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older couple embracingYour mouth does not exist in a vacuum — and every year we learn more about the link between periodontal (gum) disease and overall health. To date, research has shown a link between untreated periodontitis and a host of other serious conditions affecting the heart, lungs, and blood. And that’s all on top of the dramatically increased risk of tooth loss for people who have periodontitis. Keep reading to learn more about this condition and how we can help you treat it with expert periodontal therapy.


How to Enjoy Long-Lasting Porcelain Veneers

October 21, 2017

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woman with an attractive smileIn 2017, there is no reason to live with a smile you are not completely satisfied with. Options in cosmetic dentistry are more accessible than ever before — and porcelain veneers are one popular option. Veneers cover up cosmetic imperfections to help you smile beautifully and confidently. And, with proper care, they can last for many years. Keep reading to learn how to protect your dental veneers to ensure that your confident, beautiful smile lasts and lasts.


Preserve Your Jawbone Density with Your Dentist

September 23, 2017

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Representation of a dental implantOver the years, several advancements have been made in dentistry to enhance the quality of care you receive while delivering superior results. One of the most revolutionary procedures involves dental implants. Now, tooth loss can be treated using a dental prosthetic that can stop the bone loss that occurs with missing teeth. This can allow you to preserve your bone to protect your oral health and facial structures with a solution that can last for a lifetime with the proper maintenance and dental care.

Wisdom Tooth Removal, Bone Grafting, and Extractions

September 9, 2017

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woman at dentistThere may come a time when your dentist recommends that an oral surgery is in your best interest, such as a tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal, or bone grafting. If you find yourself in this position, you need someone who has extensive training and education to complete the procedure. Although Dr. L. Blaine Kennington is not a specialist or an oral surgeon, he has the training and experience necessary to perform many surgeries that a variety of dental specialists provide. His unique and vast skillset allows him to serve patients’ needs extensively.

Dentist Service near Chehalis for a Smile Makeover

August 23, 2017

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Dentist serving Chehalis will give you a Smile Makeover.Are you unhappy with the appearance of your smile? If so, you may feel insecure while also dealing with the challenges of poorly functioning teeth. To improve your oral health and quality of life, a service in known as a Smile Makeover can help. Unlike a traditional appearance makeover, this treatment does more than just resolve cosmetic issues. It can also improve the health and function of your smile to promote your quality of life. At Cowlitz River Dental, we will create a customized treatment plan to give you a confident, healthy smile.

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