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Cowlitz River Dental Blog

Does a Root Canal Hurt?

July 19, 2018

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woman at the dentist's officeVisiting the dentist twice annually and brushing and flossing your teeth on a regular basis can help to keep your smile clean and healthy for a lifetime to come. But, even if you experience a severely decayed or injured tooth at some point, restorative dentistry services can come to the rescue. The root canal is a common procedure that can help to preserve the tooth to keep the smile complete. However, this treatment also has a bad (and false) reputation of being very painful — keep reading to learn the truth about root canals, and what you can expect when you need one.


Know What to Ask Your Dentist about Prevention

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close-up of toothbrushingKeeping your smile healthy as you age is easier when you have all the right information. You can read plenty about oral health online — but your dentist is the most valuable source of tips related specifically to your smile. Doing some research ahead of time can help to ensure you know the right questions to ask your dentist before a checkup and cleaning. Questions like best practices, why X-rays matter, and more. Learn what some of the most valuable questions are below!


Dentist on Why You Should Put a Knocked Out Tooth in Milk

June 30, 2018

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glass of milkGetting a tooth knocked out is scary, but if you take all the necessary steps right after it occurs, chances are good that your dentist can successfully reattach the tooth. You will need to keep the tooth’s root moist until you can make it into the office — and if it is not an option to place it back in the gums, keeping it in a cup of milk is the next best thing. But why? Keep reading to learn what milk does for a knocked out tooth from your dentist in Castle Rock.


Does Dental Insurance Cover Cosmetic Dentistry?

June 11, 2018

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portrait of a young couple on motorcycleDental insurance makes it easier to pay for the treatments you and your loved ones need to enjoy healthy, complete smiles for a lifetime to come. An insurance policy will usually only cover the services that are necessary for oral health — which excludes many (but not all) of the cosmetic treatments you may want in order to achieve beautiful pearly whites. Keep reading to learn more about what dental insurance may cover from your cosmetic dentist in Castle Rock.


Dentist in Castle Rock Offers Root Canal Therapy

May 21, 2018

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older couple discussing Root canal therapy — it’s not something anyone wants to have, but if you need this common procedure, that’s actually good news. Really! Endodontic therapy can help rescue a tooth from extraction to help you keep your natural smile intact. Keep reading to learn more about root canals, including when you need one and how they work, from your dentist in Castle Rock.


Cosmetic Dentist in Castle Rock Offers 4 Ways to a Better Smile

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color-matching guide for restorationsEveryone deserves to enjoy a beautiful smile — but most people have a small chip here, a few stains there, or other imperfections that prevent them from feeling really confident about their grin. If that’s you, there are solutions available from your cosmetic dentist in Castle Rock. 4, to be precise. Keep reading to find out about your options in cosmetic dentistry.


Your Dentist on the Importance of Stopping Tooth Decay

April 11, 2018

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portrait of a smiling womanIf you have a cavity, it’s time to visit your dentist in Castle Rock ASAP. We know life gets busy sometimes — but ignoring a cavity can lead to far more serious issues down the line, like pain, broken teeth, or even an infection that could spread throughout the body. Keep reading to find out more about the dangers of ignoring tooth decay, and how we can help you prevent it from occurring in the first place.


Same-Day Crowns Save Your Smile — and Save You Time!

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close-up smileKeeping up with the latest advances in dental technology allows us to offer the most comfortable, efficient care possible. The next time you have a broken, damaged, or worn down tooth and need a dental crown, you can benefit from CEREC. This technology enables Dr. Kennington to provide same-day crowns — saving you time and stress while also restoring your smile beautifully for years and years to come.


Preventive Dentistry for Children: Stopping Decay

March 20, 2018

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child lying in the grassIt’s always best to stop a problem from developing than it is to fix one after the fact. That’s especially true in dentistry, as brushing, flossing, and routine visits to the dentist are preferable to root canals or tooth extractions. Preventive dentistry is especially important for young smiles, as a child’s teeth are at an especially high risk of tooth decay while they are busy growing. Keep reading to learn how your dentist approaches the question of treatment and prevention for children’s tooth decay — and why it’s so important!


Alternatives to Extraction in Restorative Dentistry

March 11, 2018

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Smiling woman at dentistWhen a tooth has sustained more damage than can be repaired with a routine filling, you will need serious help – and, sometimes, removing the tooth altogether may be a consideration. But is tooth extraction really the best choice for your smile? In many cases, the answer is probably not. Visiting a trusted professional for quality restorative dentistry can help you avoid tooth loss and save your smile. Keep reading to learn how to survey your options when extraction is part of the discussion.


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