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Sedation Dentistry in Castle Rock

Dentist Providing Dental Sedation Services

woman sleeping peacefullyBecause we offer such a wide variety of complex restorative dental care treatments, we understand the effects that dental anxiety can have on a smile. People who experience extreme dental anxiety may go for years without visiting a dentist. Of course, we’d prefer that you come see us regularly to avoid advanced oral health problems, and that’s why we offer three different types of sedation dentistry: nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and IV sedation.

Nitrous oxide has been used as a form of sedation dentistry for over 150 years. Nitrous oxide is a gas that can be inhaled, causing feelings of warmth, euphoria, and deep relaxation. Inhaling nitrous oxide can occasionally cause you to get the giggles, which is why it’s often known as “laughing gas.” For patients who do not experience extreme dental anxiety or those undergoing less invasive dental procedures, this level of sedation dentistry is perfect. The effects wear off quickly, leaving you able to drive yourself home from your appointment safely, and you can easily control the level of sedation by how much you inhale.

Oral Conscious and IV Sedation

Both oral and IV sedation dentistry leave you conscious, but these types of sedation dentistry offer much more power than nitrous oxide. For those who have severe dental anxiety or just want to have a very relaxed experience during long procedures at our Castle Rock, WA dental office, oral and IV conscious sedation can help.

Oral conscious sedation dentistry involves taking an anti-anxiety sedative pill prior to treatment. You’ll remain awake, but you’ll feel extremely relaxed and calm. IV sedation dentistry from Cowlitz River Dental involves administering these sedatives via the bloodstream. IV sedation does not knock you out. Instead, it induces a state of deep calm and, in many cases, causes you to be unable to remember the procedure afterward. People feel like they were asleep.

Sedation dentistry isn’t just for those suffering from dental anxiety. If you need several dental procedures, you may opt for sedation dentistry to make it easier to sit for several hours and have several treatments performed in one visit rather than spreading them out over multiple appointments. Or you may just want a little nitrous oxide to make your cleaning more comfortable!

To explore the conscious sedation dentistry options available at Cowlitz River Dental, contactour Castle Rock, WA office. For patients from Lewis County and Cowlitz County, Washington and Columbia County, Oregon, Cowlitz River Dental is convenient and worth the trip, especially for those interested in sedation dentistry.